In order to ensure all runs smoothly there needs to be a number of practice runs. In order to meet the standards of evidence needed to meet the Guinness World Record approval system a small team is required. The team is made up of the official timekeeper (who needs experience in timing events) two independent witnesses (who have no stake in the outcome) as well as a photographer and videographer. And of course the person setting the record. There will also be a person dedicated to live blogging on the team as well.

Steve Quinlan is excited to present his support team for the fastestskytrain Guinness World Record Attempt for May the 4th (2018):

Time Keeper: Paul Gordon. Paul is a District Youth Referee and works as a Program Director for a large not for profit agency.

Independent witnesses are Michael Jeffreys and Andrew Hargrave. Mike is also a Program Director for for a large not for profit agency where he has worked for over 25 years. Andrew is a Probation Officer working in the Lower Mainland. In his spare time he also serves for a non profit based in Maple Ridge.

Paige Gordon is going to be the official photographer for the event. Paige is a dog handler by profession as well as an accomplished photographer.

Alex Pope is assisting with web design and will be videoing the whole event. Alex is a Programmer Analyst and has a long history of community involvement.

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