MAY THE FOURTH... (2018)

The purpose of setting the "Fastest time to travel to all Vancouver SkyTrain Stations" and have it recognized as a Guinness World Record is two fold:

Major metropolitan cities such as: London and New York have several record holders and challengers in this category. With the expansion of the SkyTrain, it is time that Greater Vancouver joins these and other large cities around the world in having a Guinness World Record in the category of "fastest to visit all stations in an underground network".

In addition I want to raise awareness and funds for Alouette Additions Services Elementary School Substance Literacy Program. Our experience has taught us that it is common for individuals to first be introduced to drugs in elementary school. The Substance Literacy Program provides opportunities for students to understand the complex ways in which drugs impact the mental health, and physical health and well being of individuals, communities and societies. The program is 100% funded by donations and although it is the first of its kind, it believed that the model could be equally successful in other School Districts and communities in BC. It is most timely that we provide the young students the knowledge and skills needed to survive and thrive in a Province that has declared a Medical Health Emergency regarding the Fentanyl crisis.

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