Steve Quinlan

Fastestskytrain aims to provide information on public transit mainly in Greater Vancouver as well as the London Underground.
To promote the launch of Fastestskytrain I am doing a charity fund raiser for Elementary School Substance Literacy Program.

About me...

My name is Steve Quinlan. I am a 55-year-old widower and the proud father of my adult children, Poppy and Cam. I have been a Registered Social Worker for 30 years. In that time I have practiced in England, Scotland and British Columbia. My career has allowed me to serve people with a wide range of needs, such as: preparing youth to leave care, supporting families in crisis and assisting adults with mental health and addiction challenges.

In 2017, I planned to take early retirement and spend a few hours a week driving a Translink community bus. I liked the idea of chatting with members of the community and listening to their stories. As fate would have it, while I waited to process my Translink application, I noticed an ad for a part time councillor for Allouette Addictions Services. I guess that I wasn’t quite ready to retire after all, because one year later, I am working full-time with adults who are struggling with addiction.

During this past year, I have been on the front lines of the opioid crisis and have met a wide range of people impacted. They are mothers and fathers, children and adults; addiction does not discriminate.

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