Vancouver SkyTrain Map

Canada Line:

Richmond-Brighouse --> Bridgeport (transfer to train destined for YVR-Airport at Bridgeport Station, across platform)

Bridgeport --> YVR-Airport (remain on train at YVR-Airport for return trip)

YVR-Airport --> Waterfront (transfer to Expo Line train destined for King George, change platform)

Expo Line:

Waterfront --> King George (transfer to return train, change platform)

King George --> Columbia (transfer to train destined for Lougheed, change platform)

Columbia --> Lougheed (transfer to Evergreen Extension train destined for Lafarge Lake-Douglas, change platform)

Millennium Line, including Evergreen Extension:

Lougheed --> Lafarge Lake-Douglas (remain on train at Lafarge Lake-Douglas for return trip)

Lafarge Lake --> VCC-Clark

The Expo and Millennium Line need approximately an hour each. The Canada Line is the only one that is likely to require less than one hour.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the requirements for stations that are on multiple Skytrain lines?

The rules state clearly that each station only needs to be visited once. This means that Waterfront and Commercial Broadway Stations, that each serve two different lines, do not need to be visited on both lines.

How do you demonstrate that you have visited each station?

The rules state that the train need to stop in order for the station to be counted. The required evidence is a photograph showing: 1) the train doors open, 2) the name of the station, and 3) Steve Quinlan. This may be challenging if the train and platform is crowded.

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